Saturday, 10 March 2012

Awards Season 2012

Where do I even begin? Where have I been for the last three months? Well, Year 11 happened, and I kind of floated into abyss. I vowed that I would blog about every awards show this year, I am now seven shows behind. So, instead of sharing with you each of the fashion highs and lows for each of the shows, perhaps you could take to E News of Fashions as I plan to only show you my number one absolute favourite looks of the awards season. 

She kind of floated into abyss last year. Much like me. But, I think it's safe to say that she's back. This chiffon gown is definitely a risk, in a very unconventional way, but I think it worked. I really love how she has made headbands cool again. It was a popular choice on the carpet, with Michelle Williams also sporting it. The ruffled skirt reminds me of Eva Mendez at the Golden Globes in 2009, which, I think I obsessed over equally. It's exciting an different, but not crazy or over the top. And, unlike Angelina Jolie's bizarre...stance (is that what you would call it?) at the Oscars, Charlize makes showing a little leg look classy.  It's Dior Couture. Enough said right?

Friday, 9 March 2012

KONY 2012

If you haven't already, take 30 minutes out of your busy lives to watch this. I think the video says it all.