Sunday, 26 June 2011


     Thursday night I hit the town with my sisters to go and see Miley Cyrus on her Australian, 'Gypsy Heart Tour.' Strutting around Rod Laver in dark jeans, cowboy studded ankle boots, a Sass and Bide graphic tee and a leather jacket, I was excited. I know this teen queen really doesn't appeal to the majority of my followers but let's just say - I think she nailed it. This girl has a voice. So I am not hear to give you a review, well, not of the concert itself at least. After all, this is a fashion blog, so I want to talk a little about the costumes. They were sensational. 
Yes yes, I know, these are a little...risque, but hey, she is trying to break out of this tween market, so can you really blame her? If you get past the sex appeal, you will see the crystal, and precious stones, and beading detail. The bolero jacket over the sequined bra was a really cute idea as well.

I loved this one. Singing classics of hers like The Climb, she needed to be wearing something a little more conservative, but just as fabulous. This sheer grey caftan was so incredibly beautiful, and added such a great touch to the already wonderful mood. The sparkly bra underneath kept with Miley's theme, and added a cute touch. 
First of all, will you look at those legs! Gah! Very jealous!! This was her encore outfit and a very cute one at that. Wanting to leave us wanting more, Miles quickly changed into this, before coming back to sing a couple more songs, including, See You Again. The beading on this leotard is just incredible. I wish I could see it close up. 

It was a brilliant night, and I was so lucky to also be sitting in brilliant seats. 

S xxx

Monday, 20 June 2011

Terrific Tuesday - Day 2 in the Work Force

Well everyone, today was day two of my Work Experience week, and this is what I was strutting down the streets of inner city Melbourne in.

Erg, terrible photos. I apologise. 
One was on the dodgy iPhone, and the other on possibly the most unflattering angle ever. Erg. 
Anyways I am wearing: 
- Country Road black jodhpurs
- Just Jeans mocha riding boots (bit of a theme here?!)
- Tucker silk shirt
- Mocha pashmina
- My fab el cheapo military coat from Target. 
Thoughts? Sxxx

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Into the work force I go...

Well, for those of you who follow me on Twitter (and for those of you who don't: @sarahyarwood) would know that I have started doing Work Experience this week. That's basically code for one week of no school. Oh, and a bit of a play around in the work force. I am working at a radio station, which has been loads of fun. But, the best part of this is definitely experimenting with different work-ish looking clothes! FUN! I figure I don't usually post a lot about the clothes that I wear, so this week, you will get to see what I wear each day. 
Once you get past the fact that I actually look like a deer in headlights, you can see that I am wearing what is called 'office smart casual.' This consists of:
- My bargain hunter $30 black military coat from Target
- Forever 21 floral tie-up dress with exposed zip
- Black tights
- Black Zara cardigan (that can't currently be seen) 
- Black Varsavia ankle boots 
Thoughts? S xxx

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Marvellous Monday - Can she do no wrong?

Now as you have all probably figured out by now, I am a little obsessed with the Kardashian family, but in particular, Kourtney and Mason. What is it that I love about them? Well they are crazy funny for a start, but, I believe that Kourtney also has the most incredible sense of style, and that rubs off onto Mason (I wonder why?!) I follow Kourt's 'like' page on Facebook, and she is constantly sharing pictures of different looks of hers, and asking our opinions. Here are just a couple of my fave looks she has pulled off this year. 

When you are travelling constantly, it is so important to be comfortable and warm...but still looking fabulous at the same time! I don't know about you, but I believe there is a certain 'airport look' that very few people can pull off. I think Sienna Miller, Lauren Conrad and Kourt are three great examples of girls who have mastered this look. 
Gracing the floor JFK wearing possibly the coolest Seven For All Mankind denim shirt I have ever seen, Monrow t-shirt, Donna Karen leggings, and some very stylish Minnetonka boots.  But I have to say the stand out of the outfit for me is definitely that Hermes Birkin, adding a very cool, yet subtle splash of colour.

How cute is this outfit?! I don't know whether it is the ruffles on the dress, or the Mary Jane inspired heels, but either way, this very cute ensemble ticks all the boxes for me. 
Heading to the salon in NYC, Kourt is wearing a Karen Zambos dress, H&M jacket (love that!), Louboutin Mary Janes, Vintage clutch (which is kind of fabulous!), and a vintage necklace. Perfection! 

 I am loving shirts right now. I think they look so fantastic with skinny leg jeans and boots. The problem is, I am a girl on a budget and I cannot find anything I am looking for. Anyway, it is clear Kourt is feeling the same way as me, yet she has managed to find what she is looking for! Strolling down the streets of NYC, Kourt is rocking a McGuinn shirt, Bluelab jeans, Chanel boots, vintage earrings and that fabulous clutch from the previous picture.

Okay last one, and this is probably my fave. You know how much I am loving shirts at the moment, well this is exactly what I want. Out for a lunch date with Scott in LA, Kourt is wearing a Rachel Roy top, Bluelab jeans, Christian Louboutin flats, Tom Ford sunglasses and a Balenciaga bag.

What do you think of Kourt's style? And better yet, which celebritiy style icons are you loving at the moment? S xx  


Saturday, 11 June 2011

What's in her bag?

I have been reading a lot of blogs at the moment that have had fantastic posts and all the things they keep in their bags. Now, because I don't work, I don't really get to use handbags and purses all that much, but when I do, this is what I usually keep inside: 
Okay, so clockwise from the left: 
- Marc Jacobs black cross body bag. I absolutely adore this bag. Because I am only a teenager, I don't have a lot of stuff that I need to keep with me, so this cute little purse is just big enough. My sister bought this from Kitson in L.A, and after realising she didn't really use it, kindly handed it down to me. It is black, so it is extrememly practical and goes with everything. 
- Ipod. I don't like to go anywhere without my Ipod because when I am walking around and start to get a little bored, it is so easy to just pop in my headphones. Now, I am not one of those people who constantly have their headphones glued to their ears listening to the latest Indie tunes on Triple J. I am very much mainstream when it comes to my music preferences: Miley, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Usher, Chris Brown, Enrique, and so on. 
- Smiths Rosebud Salve. I bought this from Sephora last year, and I honestly don't know how I have survived this long without it, it's incredible. I don't know about you guys, but I am kind of addicted to lip balms and glosses, so when I saw this, I had to have it. It has a really thin and easy to apply texture, which is a definite bonus for me. I hate the thick stuff. The flavour is Rosebud, which is really delicious. It comes in tube form, and in Minty Rosebud pots. AND, if this convinces you to buy it a little more, it is extremely popular with a certain Kardashian family...just sayin'! 
- Stila lipgloss. My sister got me onto these babies a couple of years ago, and now, they are honestly the only lipgloss I will use. In Australia, they are outrageously priced at nearly $50 each, so that's why I stocked up when I was in the states. They are a very reasonable $19 over there. They come in every colour of lip rainbow, and look great on anyone. They are thin and not too sticky and each tube lasts forever. 
- Aviator sunglasses. All of you Melbourne folks out there would know what I am talking about, but for those of you who don't, there has been the tradition for years to have a market every Sunday in the supermarket carpark in Camberwell. Now, I don't usually go because most of the time I can't find anything I like, and the thought of getting up early is definitely a turnoff! However, one Sunday a little a while ago, I headed down there with a friend and picked up these glasses. The person I bought them off had just been to Thailand, so he stocked up on glasses so he could sell them for five times the price back home. It is difficult to buy glasses at my age because they either look ridiculously big, or too young. I thought these were perfect. 
- Louis Vuitton hot pink purse. My best friend went to Italy last September and bought home so many gorgeous gifts for me: a navy leather cross body bag, a leather coin purse, a leather bracelet and this leather purse. See a bit of a trend? Yep, I guess you could say she had lots of fun at the leather markets in Florence! I love this cute heart shaped purse as it fits in my money and bakcard, which is all I need if I am just going out for a little while. 
- iPhone. I couldn't survive without it these days. I often wonder, how on earth did I get by with having no internet or iPod on my phone before this? I think it is self explanitory why having an iPhone is an absolute MUST HAVE!  

So that's just about everything I keep in my bag. How about you? Sxxx

Friday, 10 June 2011

Gaga's gone gaga...literally

Where to start? When Gaga first came into the music scene a couple of years ago, the lightning striked, just dance singing blonde certainly captured our attention...and for the right reasons. And now? Well, I think it is fair to say the 'FAME MONSTER' has gone to her head. (Pardon the pun). 
So these ones I could deal with, in fact, I could even call them cute. I am all for this eclectic pop-star wanting to find some individuality in the fashion world with a couple of structured mini dresses. They were different, and maybe not something you would see gracing the catwalks of Milan tomorrow, but, she needed to make her, rather bold, statement, so what better way to do it. 
However, when meat came into the mix, I think our girl Gaga hit a fashion low. When you are one of the most successful current pop-stars, and have the most followers on twitter, you would think that you could put in a little more effort. Or, maybe even, less effort? I don't really know what she was trying to achieve here, but it can't of been high fashion. 

So the reason for my little Gaga rant was because of the all-time-low she hit earlier in the week. What do you even call this? That's just it, you can't call it anything, because their is NOTHING there! Don't get my wrong, I adore the Fame Monster's music and I think she is so incredibly talented, but, I think it is fair to say that she needs some help from Rachel Zoe. 

Love S xxx

Friday, 3 June 2011

Winter Wonders

Well, winter is well and truly here, and I don't know about you guys, but I am having some serious troubles finding pieces that are really cool, not too out there, that will still keep me warm. Knitted jumpers are really in at the moment, but I have been looking everywhere, and cannot seem to find what I am looking for. Just when I was about to give up though, myself and a friend took a trip to General Pants. Although I was unsuccessful in the jumper department, I did manage to find the most to-die-for cardigan. 
Now I get it, cardigans are only meant to be worn over something incredible that fails to give that extra layer of warmth. But NO! Stop right there, this One Teaspoon Wild Thorn Knit Kimono really looks great on. The shape is quite unusual, but because of the material, it falls well. It's super warm, a gorgeous material, and a great colour. I think it could look great with a pair of skinny jeans, boots, long sleeve tee, and an interesting scarf. The reason I love it so much, is because it scoops a little at the bottom, giving it some really cool shape. For $180 it isn't really a steal, but, General Pants is great with their sales, so keep monitoring it online, and happy spending!