Sunday, 19 June 2011

Into the work force I go...

Well, for those of you who follow me on Twitter (and for those of you who don't: @sarahyarwood) would know that I have started doing Work Experience this week. That's basically code for one week of no school. Oh, and a bit of a play around in the work force. I am working at a radio station, which has been loads of fun. But, the best part of this is definitely experimenting with different work-ish looking clothes! FUN! I figure I don't usually post a lot about the clothes that I wear, so this week, you will get to see what I wear each day. 
Once you get past the fact that I actually look like a deer in headlights, you can see that I am wearing what is called 'office smart casual.' This consists of:
- My bargain hunter $30 black military coat from Target
- Forever 21 floral tie-up dress with exposed zip
- Black tights
- Black Zara cardigan (that can't currently be seen) 
- Black Varsavia ankle boots 
Thoughts? S xxx

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