Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Breaking Good

I love me a wedding - even if it is between Vampires (does that even require a capital?) The Twilight series has kind of been my Harry Potter. When J.K Rowling released the first book, I was much too young to truly appreciate it, hence why I was a very late bloomer when it came to my obsession. However, the first Twilight book was released when I was in Year 7, and it seemed the series was perfectly targeted at my age group. I have always loved the movies. At first it was because I thought Edward was hot. I now find it incredibly hard to believe that I once thought this way - hello Jacob?! 

I now seem to be constantly flicking through pages of the tattered paperbacks because of the love story. I think it's cute, and believable. That makes me a big loser doesn't it? I always loved the wedding scene in the books. It felt so real. And to me, that was exciting. It was even more excited to see the way it would be portrayed in the movie. While I was expecting the controversial honeymoon to be the climax of the movie, Kristen Stewart walking down the aisle seemed to be the jaw-dropping moment for me. 

In my opinion, her dress resembled Princess Kate's. (You can read that post here.) It was Carolina Herrera. Enough said right? 

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