Friday, 10 June 2011

Gaga's gone gaga...literally

Where to start? When Gaga first came into the music scene a couple of years ago, the lightning striked, just dance singing blonde certainly captured our attention...and for the right reasons. And now? Well, I think it is fair to say the 'FAME MONSTER' has gone to her head. (Pardon the pun). 
So these ones I could deal with, in fact, I could even call them cute. I am all for this eclectic pop-star wanting to find some individuality in the fashion world with a couple of structured mini dresses. They were different, and maybe not something you would see gracing the catwalks of Milan tomorrow, but, she needed to make her, rather bold, statement, so what better way to do it. 
However, when meat came into the mix, I think our girl Gaga hit a fashion low. When you are one of the most successful current pop-stars, and have the most followers on twitter, you would think that you could put in a little more effort. Or, maybe even, less effort? I don't really know what she was trying to achieve here, but it can't of been high fashion. 

So the reason for my little Gaga rant was because of the all-time-low she hit earlier in the week. What do you even call this? That's just it, you can't call it anything, because their is NOTHING there! Don't get my wrong, I adore the Fame Monster's music and I think she is so incredibly talented, but, I think it is fair to say that she needs some help from Rachel Zoe. 

Love S xxx


  1. I agree with you 100% lovely! At first her look was cute and quirky, now it's just weird and tacky.

  2. I believe she has taken this individuality of hers one...or five steps too far!