Monday, 25 April 2011

Before Bed..

Yesterday, I filled you all in on my beauty regime for my face. But today, I thought I would talk about two products that I have used everyday, without fail, before bed. Yes I know it sounds a little crazy applying beauty products before bed, but I have to say, this really makes a different.

Gal Collection Vaseline in Violet flavour. I love this stuff, and have been using it religiously for about three years. I often had trouble with chapped lips, so I started applying a little of this everynight before bed, and it has REALLY made a difference! I absolutely adore this flavour, and will never convert, although there is a flavour for everyone. Give this lip balm a try. Apply a little everynight before bed and just watch for results! 

This can be purchased in the lip balm section of David Jones for $9. 

Okay, I have a really weird fear in life. Not of spiders, or snakes or bugs (though i do hate those things). No, my fear is very strange. I really hate feet. So you can imagine that when I became aware that my feet were becoming dry and callused, I really freaked. I went into the bodyshop, and immediately I found something that I fell in love with. Hemp Foot Cream. I apply a little to my feet everynight before I go to sleep, and I wake up seeing results. My feet are no longer dry or gross. And, the cream has got that gorgeous mint smell. 

This can be purchased from The Body Shop for about $30 a jar. 

So today I thought I would fill you in on a few of my beauty secrets. We really cannot forget to take care of out lips and feet! 

P.S I have gone with a new font for this post, let me know what you think! xxxxxxxxx


  1. I need to get myself a jar of that Hemp Foot Cream. I have a bit of a dry/calloused foot phobia myself and any product that smells of mint automatically scores a place in my beauty routine.

    Great post lovely and the new font is nice too :)

  2. I really need the Hemp cream in my life- it sounds so amazing!