Sunday, 17 April 2011

What a Girl Wants

My mum always gets quite mad at me about this. You would think that it would be better than talking about other boring things, but it seems that my mum has just about had enough of me talking about all of the things that I want, but can't have. I am so extremely lucky to get everything that I do, and sometimes I forget that talking about myself and my wants, or 'needs', can get a little tiring. So..I decided to tell you guys! 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at clothes online, in fact, I probably spend a little too much time doing it. Most people in my classes at school would know that, when I should be listening, I am actually looking up Shopbop's 20% sale and free shipping dates. Or that Tucker Silk shirt on Revovle Clothing that has my name, and a hefty price tag, written ALL over it. 
So, here are a few of the things that I am REALLY loving at the moment, and attached will be websites to all these places, in case any of you see something to-die-for! 
Number 1: Black Hunter Gumboots 

Most people wouldn't understand the need for designer gumboots when I live in Australia, but these babies are an absolute MUST HAVE! And hey, Melbourne's weather is so unexpected that you can pair them when a caft-tan on those awful humid, rainy days, and be comfortable and super stylish! 

There are SO many websites that you can buy these off in Australia, including my fave, as well as and Let me know if you are interested in International websites as well!

Number 2:  Free People Dress

I found this one during an International Relations class a couple of months back, and still haven't bought it! I am sure you can all imagine that I am dying! I love it. It isn't even summer here anymore, but can't you just picture this little sundress with some cute sandals? Oh, I just adore it! 

You can purchase this puppy on one of two different websites everyone! (my life), or,

Number 3: Indigo Latte Knit

I absolutely adore this Latte coloured knitted sweater from Indigo. It is light, flowy, and perfect to wear with a cami, jeans and cute ankle boots, OR, a fitted dress and heels! This is an absolute must have for me over winter! 

Unfortunately, you can only purchase this baby in store: 
575 Chapel Street
South Yarra VIC 3141
ph: 03 9826 9363
head office: 03 9826 1530
fax: 03 9826 1145

Shop 4, Collins 234
234 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
ph: 03 9650 1058

wholesale agents

Indigo Boutique
575 Chapel St
South Yarra VIC 3141
ph: 03 9826 1530
Contact: Christina

Maximum Agencies
12 Rupert St
Collingwood VIC
ph: 03 9415 7822

Jett Agency
8 Somerville Plaza
Perth WA 6000
ph: 08 9471 9005

I will keep posting things like this, as I am always discovering new websites and stores! But...for now....happy shopping! 

Sarah xx

P.S What are your favourite websites online??? xxx


  1. I'm loving that knit. Very cute!

  2. I love the hunter gumboots!

  3. i love my hunters, they are fab <3