Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Computers can do wonderful things

I just adore the images that I find on the Frankie Magazine website. Absolutely every International Studies lesson, much to my teachers dismay, I rumage through the 245 pages of wonderful images, hoping to find something I love...and every time I do! I find mostly desktop backgrounds. Those who know me well would know that I love having interesting desktop backgrounds on my computer, and am constantly changing it...to keep things interesting. Well, the point of this paragraph of drivel, is to say that this was my first ever background on my new computer..how cute. Maybe that will become a little trend on this blog, every so often I will post on my current desktop backgrounds. How fun. 

Goodbye...for now, 

Love Sarah xx

1 comment:

  1. Sarah,
    I love your blog, I never realised you were such a great writer! All of your posts are witty and interesting and so easy to read! I love your blog already!
    - Just maybe make the photos and text a little bigger?

    I'm your third follower! Yay :)

    xx Alyce