Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Hong Kong Part 2

{Wearing: H&M dress, Bensimon sneakers, L'Amirica leather purse, Bali Joy bracelet}

There is something really fun about shopping in Hong Kong. This of course, I have only discovered since being home. Chapel Street and Glenferrie Road don't seem nearly as exciting as they did before I left.  This is coming someone who usually visits main-stream stores that offer much of what you would see in the latest Dolly magazine. With that being said, visiting this exciting country made me want to head off the beaten track and find some of those fabulous pieces everyone always talks about. I ventured across the island (which includes taking a ferry) to visit some of the best markets Hong Kong has to offer, I went down small streets, and, most importantly, I kept an open mind to trying new things. In saying this, here are a few pictures of wonderful areas to shop in Hong Kong, that one may not initially find appealing or convinient, but are well worth the trouble in the end. 

{Why not pick up a fake Valentino or Balenciaga bag while you're over here? Ladies Market}

{A rather extensive collection of jewellery - Ladies Market}
{Hong Kong's Times Square} 

{Immersing myself in my favourite part of their culture - their food! Pacific Place}

{Wearing: Zara Jeans, Vena Cava for Bloomingdales blouse, Metalicus Blazer, Country Road Flats}

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