Monday, 19 September 2011

The Renovators

{My 'S' sits nicely in my bookshelf}

Perhaps it's the TV show, or maybe it's just my obsession with rearranging things that inspired me to give my bedroom a much needed renovation rescue. Ever since the start of the year, I have begun to update certain aspects of my room. Firstly, I ventured out to Ikea and purchased a clothing rack (which I built myself), picture frames, storage boxes and shoe racks. Next, I bought a new doona cover and sheet set. And now, I am tackling the smaller things: my bedside tables, dresser and desk. 

{Old magazines act as a great centrepiece for my bedside tables}

{A vintage plate now houses all my bracelets and bangles}

{An old gift bag is the perfect place to keep assorted ribbons and watches}


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