Friday, 30 September 2011

Winter Pass Times

Melbourne's current weather has proven to be much more useful than I initially thought. Turns out, when it's wet and cold, it isn't so appealing to go outdoors. So, what did I do? Enter: Clean bookshelves. I have lived in my current bedroom for a little under ten years now, and those bookshelves have remained exactly the same the whole time. Despite the fact that I was beginning to worry about the dust accumulation up there, I also decided that if I wanted my room to look like a big girl's, I had to do something about the stuffed animals and picture books. I replaced my childhood possessions with current books I enjoy, like Harry Potter! As well as little knick knacks I have accumulated over the years. Although I am sad to have bid my toys farewell, I am in love with my new shelves and their grown up demeanor. 

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