Sunday, 24 April 2011

Completing the Look

Although I traditionally like to blog specifically about Fashion, and all that goes along with it. But today, on Easter Sunday, when my face is breaking out because of all the chocolate, I thought I would take some time out to show you some of the products that make my skin look a little better! 

 I start my daily routine with a couple of dabs of Clinique concealer. I honestly cannot live without it! It comes in colours to suit every skin colour, and it so easy to apply. Not only does this baby cover up all those blemishes, it also clears up acne in doing so.
I purchased this in the States for about $14, which is crazy cheap. It will be a little more expensive here in Australia, but, it has lasted me months, so it was definitely be money well spent.

Here is a link for somewhere you can purcahse it: 

I guess this is also a good time to mention, the above website it just great! Discount prices for all our fave products! 

Next, I apply some of this stuff! I got onto it last year, and honestly have not put it down since. It rocks. The colour that I use it called 'Laguna', which is super popular, but it also comes in colours to suit your skin tone. Nars make gorgeous bronzers, so you always know you are going to look great. Just a tiny bit will go far aswell as the colour is so rich. 
Again, I bought this for $34 in the States, in Australia, it is ridiclously overpriced. So I reccomend buying in bulk when you are over there, or doing some research and finding a good website. If you can't find anything, there is always:  ($72 is ridiculous, but this product is worth it!)  
Next, I put on a little of this. It's called 'Benefit Eyeshadow'. The particular colour I like is called 'TattleTale'. Other great colours include 'Birthday Suit' and 'Coral'. It is a shimmery mousse that is incredibly easy to apply, and looks great. 

This creaseless cream eyeshadow comes in so many different colours, so you are bound to find the one for you. Again, I got this in the States, but you can buy it in select stores in Australia, and on some different websites. You just have to do a little research!   (WOWZA - THAT IS A BIG WEBSITE!)

So I have done something a little different in this post, let me know if you like any of my suggestions, and I will keep them coming. Happy shopping! xxxxxxxxxx


  1. Ah, Laguna. I sooo want to try this damn bronzer everyone raves about but I just can't justify forking out over $70 for it atm... Maybe in the future. :P

    Also might need to try out that concealer.

  2. Ooh I love Benefit stuff, will have to give the cream eyeshadows a go!