Thursday, 14 April 2011

It's not second hand...It's vintage!

Today myself and lovely Lexie hit the streets of Melbourne for a much needed shopping spree. Like most girls in Victoria, we went straight to the hustle and bustle of Chapel Street. Now the point of this post is not to give you a detailed description of everything I bought...because I didn't buy anything (I know, I was disappointed to!). No, the point of this post is to introduce to you a store that you are actually going to fall in love with. Now, I don't usually like vintage things, I think it is a little to, dare I say it, wanky. Well, on me at least. BUT, I have found the most to-die-for and quaint store hidden away just near the corner or Chapel and Dandenong rd. Yes....Evenlyn and Dorothy's boutique is just wonderful! I know this end of town is a little dindgy, but I have to say, there is absolutely nothing dingdy about this store. Cute sun dresses in the most eclectic prints and patterns. Hand made jewels, and even dainty pieces for children. 
Please, please, please give this place a visit, you will absolutely LOVE it!
81A Chapel St,
Windsor, 3181

Happy shopping everyone! 

Goodbye..for now, 

Sarah xx

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  1. <3 your blog.

    This store will be a must stop on my next trip to Melbs.
    I want that sleeveless white dress - CUTE.