Saturday, 30 April 2011

Kate's Closet

It was something like 2 billion viewers watching last night, can you believe that? Incredible. But, do I blame them? No way, I can see exactly why. I personally believe that the brown haired beauty in the McQueen had a little to do with it. 

I LOVE that she chose gorgeous Sarah Burton for McQueen to design. Having literally the whole fashion world of designers at her finger tips, it was lovely to see that she stayed true to her British colours. Oh, and I suppose McQueen isn't too shabby, having been voted British designer of the year four times in a row!
Through out the engagement, Kate's dress was the best kept secret since, well, Elton John's marriage to a girl! But the cat was let out of the bag on Thursday evening, London time, when Sarah Burton was seen getting out of a car outside the the Goring Hotel in her signature double-looped belt and pumps. 
This absolute one-of-a-kind original piece is somewhat inspired by Grace Kelly at her also very infamous Royal Wedding a little while ago. But this intricate design was created for the princess-to-be in silk gazar. The Royal School of Needlework were responsible for the hand crafted intricate lace bodice and sleeves, as well as the veil. 
I absolutely love the McQueen signiture corseting and long sleeves. Some people said that is wasn't 'interesting' enough, but I just think that they don't quite know what they are talking about. The sleeves did it for me, especially in the lace. And the divine detailing at the back that we all saw when she walked inside after the picture-esq balcony kiss. 
Her tiara, has also been subject to much speculation. It is a Cartier 'Halo' tiara, given to her by the Queen herself. Her diamond oak-leaf earrings are by Robinson Pelham and were a gift from her parents.
Oh no it couldn't possibly stop there! After a much needed rest, the bride slipped into something more comfortable. Once you find something that works..go with it. Therefore it was no surprise that Kate decided to go with McQueen again for her party dress. This strapless white satin gown with a circular skirt was very similar to her much adored wedding gown. This beauty was complimented perfectly with a dimante waste band and an angora bolero cardigan.

Love, love, love both of these pictures. So classic, elegant and beautiful. What a gorgeous day these two shared. I must say, a tear crept down my face as she got out of her Rolls Royce Phantom. 
What were your thoughts? 
Love S xxx

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  1. it was such a gorgeous wedding, indeed! like in a fairy tale! xoxo