Monday, 17 October 2011

Twinkle Toes


Spring holidays concluded last week, which meant another full school term from me before the end of the year. Term Four has brought with it not only copious amounts of study, but also the single thing I dread most: school swimming. I know how to swim of course, I live for it during the summer, but there is something really terrible about swimming competitively. I have nightmares about standing up on the block and diving into the cold, chlorinated water. So, to make swimming seem more appealing, I decided to brighten up one of the more attractive parts visible when wearing a one piece. Enter: bright toes. With summer looming closer every day, my sparkly blacks and grey polishes have been replaced with purples and oranges. This week, I opted for two different shades of purple to experiment with, both from Mecca. Maybe I didn't win my race, but I did win for creativity.

{Mecca polishes: Deep Cornflower and Lavinia} 

{Happy toes = Happy swimmer}

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