Monday, 31 October 2011

Not so happily ever after

Qantas was able to relax after their two day grounding period today as Twitter broke out with brand new news. Kim K and hubby Kris had lasted only 72 short days. To be honest this news does surprise me. I have always thought of Kim as the traditionalist, so to hear that her Fairy Tale wedding was only going to end in divorce, was quite odd. I cannot call the marriage a publicity stunt. There is no way that the Kardashian family would want to purposely go through this embarrassment of yet another divorce. I feel sad for Kim, but I suppose this outcome is better now, rather than later. 

This is a fashion blog after all, so I felt it necessary to share my opinion of the gowns seen at the wedding. Kim's first gown was beautiful, and very typically Vera Wang. I would never wear something like this to my wedding, but then again, one must remember that this is a Kardashian wedding - nothing is ever going to be normal. I did however, manage to fall in love with the the four bridesmaid dresses. Also by Vera, these gowns were slim line, but morphed into a gorgeous skirt at the knee. Perhaps it's because I like simple, or maybe I just love that Kendall, my fashion idol is wearing it, but either way, these dresses tick all the boxes for me! 

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